Thanks to monkeymind and skatoz for their contributions!

Extending Battery Life: 

A common criticism users have with these recorders is their apparently poor battery life.  It may be beneficial then when trying to conserve battery life that you use 'STEALTH MODE'.  This turns off the back lighting of the device and keeps the REC button LED from turning on.  I assume however that this will only deliver marginal improvements.  

Another feature is AUTO POWER OFF, which may be beneficial if you happen to leave the recorder on when not in use.

A different approach would be to purchase an external battery pack.  This recorder does have the nifty feature of the ability to be powered by an external USB source.  I think an external battery pack such as the Duracell Instant USB Charger with its slim profile would make a neat solution. 

Protective Cases:

Red Rectangle Hard Zipper Box Bag Reading Glasses Sunglasses Case

Let's be honest, these devices aren't renowned for their build quality.  It's probably a good idea then that you use a protective casing when you've got it stowed away with the rest of your gear.  Monkeymind came up with the great solution of using this generic sunglasses case found on ebay for protection.  The dimensions seem pretty good, and if you do try it out let us know how it goes!

For a more rugged solution (maybe even a bit over the top!) the Pelican 1030 case looks to have the right dimensions.  Water resistant, crushproof and dustproof, its a pretty safe bet that your recorder won't get messed up inside one of these. For that extra bit of protection you could use this foam set for a bit of padding.

Camera Mount:

Without any form of screw thread, the VR-20 and the DR-08 aren't the easiest things to mount to cameras.   DSLR Film Noob have what looks to be a great solution with a cheap 3D printed shotgun mount.  This also has the advantage of reducing vibrations which lowers noise levels in your recordings.  Heres a youtube video which shows it in action.


Standard Microphone Foam Windscreen Qty 5

To help reduce noise  it's a good idea to use a windscreen.  Amazon have a plethora of different windscreens, and its really just a matter of trying them out.  It would be great to hear some DIY solutions so if you've got any please share!

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